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My song!

5/5 just on that. :p Cake is a lie. still funny. :p


I hate youtube comments! i love it. :)

kokonut10 responds:

Thanks! :)

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great game, but...

The stop music button should totally be taken out! lol j/k. Fun game. That ball goes nuts once it's going fast.

Great Gameplay!

This is one of the funniest games I've played on Newgrounds. You sir, are a genius.

great game

i was skeptical when i started to play this because i've played so many games like it. but it was a great game. good job.

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This sounds HUGE. The piano sounds great. The synth moving around at the beginning over the piano sounds awesome. When the vocals come in it left a smile on my face. This is great. I can't wait to hear more. 5/5

This is a nice reflective track. It has almost a David Gilmour vibe to it.

+ I liked the overall feel of the song. You definitely accomplished getting that ambient rock style.
+ The call and response type thing you had going on between the bass in the chords and the higher notes was interesting.
+ The Chimes. Harmonics are always fun.
+ The Guitar playing was good.

- It got kinda repetitive towards the end.
- The reverb seemed to muddy the guitar sound in a few parts.

Overall, you have a pretty good tune here. I liked the laid back feel of it. You did a good job on this one. Enjoy using your new interface to create all kinds of new music! 7/10

NyxTheShield responds:

The "bass" effect was entirely coincidental, i just messed with the reeverb and delay a bit to create a kind of harmonic bass lol That might have been the cause of the little muddyness that atacked sometimes

I am glad you liked it, it got repetitive towards the end because i kinda improvised this in one sit XDD I just cut off the parts i didn't like and then recorded the second gutiar above everything :3

Finally! A rock song to review! This one is a diamond in the rough. I've listened to it three times now. The theme is mean and has attitude. It's upbeat and you clearly know how to play guitar well.

+ Good overall structure. I could really picture someone being able to sing over this easily.
+ Yes, that main theme/riff is sweet. lol
+ The section at 1:55 is great. My favorite part of the song.

- 0:26 needs a better transition. Something seems off there. Transitions as whole in the song seem to need some work.
- I really disliked the guitar tone. I do however understand it's a demo and likely scratch tracks.
- Along the same lines as the guitar tone, the drums sounded really flat and out of place.
- The fade out at the end seemed unnecessary and it might have sounded great to end it with the punctuation of that riff rather than fading out. Leave the listener wanting more with a statement, don't just fade away!

I really like this as a demo track. You should be proud of the potential this has. Keep working on it and always pushing the boundaries. I think this could be really good with some work. I can't wait to hear it as a finished product. Good job. 5/10

TSRBand responds:

Thank you! Will be sure to re-visit this one with your tips in mind.

Punk rock is awesome. I'm working on a project right now with a friend called Volcano Head Theory. We get accused of being too soft for punk music, but w/e. I make all kinds of music...but mostly punk. lol

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